How to Style a Formal Living Room

Formal living rooms are solely for the purpose of socialising without the distractions of television, couches that swallow you up and other items found in cosy living rooms. If you want your formal living room to be true to its name, there are several things that you can do when styling it. The Leisure Lounge team are living room experts and are here to guide you on all things surrounding home-interior.

Style Your Formal Living Room with Leisure Lounge

Learn the perfect styling tips for your formal living room here. For more guidance on how to improve your home’s interior, visit Leisure Lounge’s blog.

1. Don’t Compromise Comfort

Just because it is a formal living room doesn’t mean that you need to compromise comfort! Invest in comfortable furniture that will make your guests want to settle in with a cup of tea and talk for hours. Leisure Lounge are able to customise our furniture to suit your living room’s style- no need to miss out on a great couch because the sizing was wrong!

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2. Use Statement Pieces

Statement pieces are great conversation starters! You can make use of detailed chandeliers or light pendants, artwork, decorative items such as vases, or a large canvas image of your family. Since this living room is formal, keep the clutter to a minimum and, instead, have tasteful decorative items that catch the eye and spark conversation.

3. Add Colour Pops

We recommend keeping your formal living room neutral/ However, this doesn’t mean that everything needs to be plain. Add some tasteful colour pops in artwork, lampshades, throw cushions and rugs. By keeping the main body of the room neutral, you can change up décor whenever you wish.

4. Structure Your Seating

Since the main purpose of this room is for interaction, you are going to want to structure your seating to encourage this. Entertainment living room seating is typically laid out facing the television. In your formal lounge, you are going to want to keep your seating fairly close together and facing each other, such as in a square around an occasional table. It is also advisable to have seating close to the centre table or ensure that seating have side tables next to them for drinks and snacks to be placed on.

Visit Leisure Lounge for All Your Furniture Needs

If you are planning to style your formal living room, or any room in your home, Leisure Lounge have everything that you could possibly need. From couches to occasional tables, headboards, dining tables and chairs, furnish your home with the best in the business! All of our furniture can be customised to your specifications. Browse our website today or get in touch for a quote.

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