Living Room Layout Mistakes

Are you currently decorating or redecorating your living room? Leisure Lounge know all the tricks on how you can get a flawless layout that works for pretty much any living room. Keep reading the blog post to learn our top tips.

4 Living Room Layout Mistakes to Avoid

Create the perfect living room layout by avoiding these 4 mistakes. For more home décor tips, visit the Leisure Lounge blog.

1. Furniture Against the Wall

Many people think that furniture looks best up against a wall. This is not always true. If you have a particularly small living room, then furniture should inevitably go against the wall simply due to space. However, if you have a bit more space to work with, furniture that is away from the wall tends to give the room a bit more breathing space.

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2. The Less Clutter- The Better

Just because you have three occasional chairs, doesn’t mean that you have to put them all out. Avoid unnecessary items that can lead to your room feeling claustrophobic. You living room doesn’t have to be minimalistic but avoid over cluttering.

3. The Wrong Rugs

The size of rugs you use can definitely impact your room. The safest size rug is one that can go comfortably under the front legs of all furniture in your living room can be placed on. Small rugs imbalance a room.

4. Your Furniture is the Wrong Size

Your furniture ultimately makes or breaks a living room. If your furniture is too small, the room will look empty, and furniture will look out of place. If furniture is too big, the room will be claustrophobic and stuff. Leisure Lounge specialise in creating customised furniture pieces made perfectly for your home. Find out more here.

Order Your Customised Furniture from Leisure Lounge Today

Nothing beats a set of customised couches to complete a room. If you are wanting furniture that looks like it was made for your living room, contact Leisure Lounge Today.

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