Must Have Occasional Chairs This Season

From lounge to bedroom to entrance hall, occasional chairs – otherwise known as accent chairs – are perfect for adding oomph to a space whilst also serving as additional seating should the need arise. There are a number of ways to incorporate an occasional chair into your space; Leisure Lounge has compiled a roundup of occasional and accent chair trends to keep your space current this season.

When to Buy and Where to Put an Occasional Chair

When: If you have a big family or entertain a lot, it’s likely that you have had gatherings before where you have run out of seating. If this rings a bell, you may benefit from an occasional chair not only for aesthetic purposes, but for functional purposes as well. Occasional chairs complement your living space by introducing more colours or textures, augmenting your existing design.
Where: If extra seating is your main requirement, then framing the sideboard in your dining room with plush chairs might be suitable to you. Alternatively, filling up a bare looking corner or accenting your couch with a complementary occasional chair increases seating options in your living space. If you don’t require extra seating, then your occasional chair can be put practically anywhere, so long as it compliments your colour scheme and doesn’t clutter the space.

Accent Chair Trends in the Dining Room

You’ve created the most amazing dining room set up, but there is something missing. You have your stylish dining room chairs, but each end of the dining room table seems a bit bland.
Before you make the mistake of buying all your chairs without thinking about the heads of the table, have a look at our amazing Boxy and Cortina Carvers.
A huge trend this year is mismatched dining chairs, with one or two kinds of occasional chairs alternating between some simpler dining chairs. This design feature allows you to have a fun yet sophisticated space wherein you can showcase your taste and be on-trend.

cortina carver from Leisure Lounge BOXY CARVER chair from Leisure Lounge
Cortina Carver Boxy Carver

Bring Back the Luxe Study

In a study, there is nothing more classy and timeless than a leather wingback chair. More and more, studies are being set up in small or shared spaces in the home – these studies typically call for lighter, more spindly chairs and tables so as not to overpower the space. However, if you have the space, nothing makes quite the same regal statement as a classic wingback such as our Kensington Deep-Buttoned chair.

The leather Kensington Deep-Buttoned wingback chair from Leisure Lounge.

Occasional Chairs in the Bedrooom

We all know that grey is all the rage right now in every room of the house. In the bedroom, the new neutral is calming but still interesting, and provides a welcome change from the warm neutrals that a lot of us may be tired of. To complement this colour scheme, try an occasional chair in an off-white or cream, with a grey print on it. Take a look at our Boudoir chair with its delicate botanical print…

Leisure Lounge’s occasional boudoir chair with understated botanical print.

Occasional chairs come in a variety of shapes and styles to suit any space. Whether you require additional seating for your family gatherings, or need to fluff up that empty corner, occasional chairs have a functional and aesthetic advantage, with the added benefit of being fairly easily portable. For a full look at our occasional chairs, browse our website here.

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