New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

Your family is happy and healthy and your kids are doing well at school. Your career is looking promising and your finances are in good order – even your pets are living their best life… But you know there is always room for improvement – especially home improvement – and the beginning of the year is an excellent time to rethink how you treat your home. We at Leisure Lounge have put together some New Year’s Resolutions to inspire your 2019 tidy up and habit transformation.

4 New Years Resolutions for 2019 that Benefit Your Home

If you have been inspired by the dawning of the new year to make positive changes around the house, take a look at our useful guide and home maintenance goals to tackle in the coming months.

Get Organized & Get Rid of That Clutter

Admit it, you’ve been putting it off for ages and the time has come to stop procrastinating and clear up the clutter that has been accruing over the past few months or even years. You don’t even have to discard it, just learn how to store it stealthily.

You have a lot more storage space than you think, the secret is to learn how to stack in lesser-used spots. You’ve probably heard of shoe organisers, but did you realise that they conveniently store anything from stationery to clothes or accessories? A few extra small shelves in every room are cheap and easy to install and can provide a bit of extra surface space that can help you display your ornaments safely and keep your counters clear.

Get the Whole Family Involved In Home Improvement Projects

It may not always be easy for everyone in the house to make time to spend altogether as a family, but if you can do it, the benefits are priceless. Get the family working together on some DIY projects around the house or garden. A great bonding experience is to plant a tree together. From choosing the tree to digging the hole and watering the plant, the experience will be a memorable one, and a gift that can keep on giving for generations. Think really far ahead by planting the tree in a spot where it will shade the house in future, as this can drastically drive your cooling costs down.

Reduce Your Home’s Energy Consumption

Your house is a greedy energy-eating machine, and it uses additional energy during the very hot and cold months. The easiest way to reduce energy costs is to maintain your windows, your insulation systems, your air-conditioning system, and your ventilation systems regularly. Attending to clogged vents, leaky windows and faulty aircons can reduce your home’s heating and cooling costs by 20% or more. Installing power-saving lights, solar panels, and a jojo tank are just a few examples of proactive ways you can reduce your family’s carbon footprint and limit the negative impact your home has on the environment.

”New Year, New Me!” – Your Home

A change is as good as a holiday, and you will be surprised to find how much difference these resolutions can make to our home’s comfort levels and maintenance expenses overall. Enjoy your brand new home!

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