a) General – it is difficult to give precise instructions on doing this yourself since different fibres and fabric constructions require specialist techniques. We therefore recommend that you contact a professional upholstery cleaning company.

The effectiveness of the specialist cleaning will depend upon the degree of soiling. It is therefore advisable to have cleaning done before dirt and general soiling becomes too engrained. Under no circumstances attempt to wash the item or use the dry cleaning machine at your local supermarket. Having cushions cleaned separately can result in a slight mismatch of colours on the furniture. We recommend any cleaning be carried out on the whole piece to balance the effect.

b) Regular cleaning – dust and dirt can cause fabrics to wear and spoil colours. This can be avoided by careful brushing with a soft brush and vacuuming using the correct attachment – usually on a weekly basis.

c) Spots and spills – if accidents occur, always act quickly. Do not rub or soak the material or allow the stain to set in. Absorb the spillage using white kitchen roll or a white absorbant cloth. Where solids are concerned, scrape up with a blunt knife or spatula, being careful not to spread the stain. For wine, spirits or coffee, treat with distilled water only using soap or shampoo as a last resort.

Rather than wait until disaster strikes it may be prudent to consider purchasing some upholstery cleaning fluid now and keeping it safely stored for future use. Most stains respond better to removal attempts while they are still wet.

Before tackling the stain with any cleaning fluid, always do a test on an unexposed part of the sofa to ensure that no further damage is caused. Some cleaning fluids can affect the dye in certain fabrics causing ringing or smudging. If in doubt, do seek professional help.

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