Protecting Leather Furniture When Moving House

Your leather furniture is probably some of the most valuable household goods you own. For this reason, when it comes time to move house, you want to make sure your leather furniture is packed up, transported, and installed with the utmost care! Whether you’re moving up the road, to another town, or across the ocean to a far-flung land, Leisure Lounge has advice on how to protect your leather furniture when moving house..

Packing Your Leather Furniture

When it comes to preparing your leather furniture for storage or moving, plastic is a taboo! Covering your leather couches, chairs or ottomans in plastic sheeting will trap condensation which can cause mildew and result in expensive damage to your leather furniture. Instead, use furniture blankets to protect against scratches, scuffs, and soiling –just make sure the blankets being used are moisture free and as clean as possible! Once your blankets are covering your leather furniture, tape them down with packing tape to prevent unwanted chafing when being moved. Be sure to prevent packing tape, or any other kind of tape, from touching the surface of your leather furniture. This could cause damage and even cause discolouration. With that, your leather furniture is ready for the next step!

Safely Moving Leather Furniture

Phase two of protecting your leather furniture when moving house is the most stressful. This is when your pride and joy gets loaded onto a moving truck and taken to your new home, or placed in a storage container ready to be loaded onto a ship. Begin by planning the route your leather furniture will take from where it is in your home to the moving vehicle outside. Will it fit through your doorways without being scraped? Look for any potential hazards along the way, and remove them if possible. Should you opt to remove the feet from your leather furniture, never drag it along the floor. This could cause serious damage to both your leather and your flooring!

Storing Leather Furniture for Shipping

Moving leather furniture intercontinentally can seem like a daunting task to some, and it is understandable! The stress of not being present to prevent any mishaps while your favourite leather couch sails across the ocean in a shipping container is borderline debilitating. There are, however, steps you can take to make sure your leather loungers arrive in one piece. Try and ensure that the storage container has climate control. If it’s hot and dry, your leather could start peeling and cracking –if it’s too humid and damp, mould and unwanted pests could greet you as the container doors swing open. Consider covering the container floor with sheets of plastic or raise your furniture onto wooden planks to prevent damage from condensation and unwanted vermin. Lastly, whether moving by road truck or shipping container, never pack moving boxes on top of your leather furniture. The weight could leave permanent indentations or scratches.

Leather Furniture Product Care

The best way to protect your leather furniture is to ensure it remains in the best condition possible all year round! Leisure Lounge is absolutely crazy about all things leather, and we understand the importance of correct leather care to enhance longevity and durability of leather furniture. Read through our leather product care tips for a wealth of information on caring for your leather!

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