Tips to Protect Furniture from Stains

When you invest in fine furniture for your lounge and bedroom, you want to ensure that you protect it from the wear and tear of daily life. Stains are an inevitable part of owning furniture, but there are steps you can take to prevent them and treat them. To help you, Leisure Lounge have put together these tips to protect furniture from stains so your living space can look immaculate for many, many years to come. Take a look at our top tips below and try them out for yourself.

Use a Stain Guard

The best way to deal with stains is to prevent them, and this can be done by applying a fabric protector to your new furniture pieces before you even move them into your home. Leisure Lounge can Tekno-gard your fabrics or leathers to ensure they resist moisture and oils, and thus prevent stains. This process carries a 3-year warranty for your benefit.

Tekno-garding creates a protective barrier between your upholstery and any accidentals spills to help protect it from stains. To have your furniture protected, contact Leisure Lounge and enquire about our stain guarding capabilities.

Use Lint Rollers

Hair of the human and animal variety can make your furniture look grubby and contribute to the gathering of dust and the setting in of stains. Pet hairs can be dirty from playing outside, and this dirt can transfer to your couch if left around and rubbed in. A good way to combat this is to frequently use lint rollers, which quickly and easily collect the hairs and leave your furniture looking brand new.
You can get lint rollers with longer handles for more convenient cleaning, and remove the hairs that are hiding your furniture’s splendour.

Vacuum Regularly

It goes without saying that one of your prime lines of defence in fighting stains is the vacuum cleaner. Vacuums remove dust, hair and dirt from the surface of your furniture, and even some that has settled beneath the covers. Using a brush extension is doubly effective as it lifts the debris first, making it easier for your vacuum cleaner to suck it away.

Amazingly, vacuuming regularly actually improves the air quality of your living space, as it picks up allergens and dust and helps to reduce odour. Remember to flip your cushions in between cleanings to make the most of your hard work and distribute the wear evenly.

Change Your Habits

A simple habit you can start is to remove stain-causing items from the furniture, or even the room. An easy rule to follow is no food or drink in the lounge or bedroom, which fully removes the risk of stains. Pets, as magical as they are, are a cause of stains, therefore it is wise to consider getting cat or dog beds for your fur-babies to lie on when you’re relaxing in the lounge, rather than hopping on the couch with you.

Use Slip Covers

Slip covers are a magical solution to deal with stains. Your fine furniture is protected by a fully-removable slip cover, which can easily be whipped off and chucked in the wash after a spill. The couch beneath is protected, and slip covers can be replaced much more affordably than your gorgeous couch.

Professional Cleaning

Sometimes, the most effective combatant against stains is a professional cleaning. With specialised tools and products, a professional cleaner can draw out dirt and grime and return your furniture looking brand new. Your furniture is an investment, and so a professional cleaning goes a long way towards extending the lifespan and prolonging the integrity of your pieces.

Contact Leisure Lounge to enquire about our fine furniture and how we can help you style the living space of your dreams.

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