Warm Winter Furniture Prints We Love

With winter once again in the air, you may be ready to give your home a make-over to welcome the season. We love the cosy-ness that accompanies winter and can’t wait to spend chilly days and nights curled up on the couch.

Furniture Prints that Are Perfect for Winter

Bring the warmth into your home by incorporating warm winter furniture prints to compliment the dull winter tones of nature outside and beat the winter chill. Here are 5 winter furniture prints that are just what you need to bring warmth into your home, regardless of the weather.

1. Bold Patterns

During the long, dull winter days you may find your mood matching the greyness. Bold patterns are trending at the moment and look great in almost any home. You are bound to have your mood lifted the second you walk through the door. Not only do they add an arty element to the room, but bold patterns also serve as a statement piece, meaning you can keep the majority of the surrounding décor fairly simple.

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Bright Colours

Furniture prints that feature bright colours are just what you need to warm up your home this winter. The bright colours are comforting and warm in the winter and incredibly trendy in the summer. Find furniture prints that go with your home current colour scheme so that you don’t have to make too many changes.

3. Unique Prints on Ottomans

Don’t forget to find a unique print for your ottoman that compliments the bigger furniture. Since these items aren’t as big, you can have more detailed prints, such as florals. Ensure that you match them to the couch, however, feel free to add a little extra to make it stand out.

4. Simple & Sophisticated

If you are wanting something simpler in your home, there are plenty of printing options that won’t change the overall image of the room. Find a soft print in neutral colours to add a new element to the room without having it jump out at you.

Find Your Ideal Printed Furniture at Leisure Lounge Today

With so many great options, your perfect print furniture is just waiting to be ordered. Browse through our online store or talk to us to get a piece custom-made to your requirements. Contact us today to get a quote or enquire about any of our furniture.

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