What Your Headboards Say About You

If your kitchen is the heart of your home, then your bedroom has to be the soul. It’s the room you spend the most consecutive hours in each day; where your body is able to recharge in unsurpassed comfort. If you’re anything like us at Leisure Lounge, your bedroom (and its décor) is an extension of who you are as a person. Let’s have a look at three different styles of headboards, and what each says about those who choose them…

Leather Headboards

Proudly South African! Leather headboards shout “I’m a proud African” almost as loudly as eating a bunny chow by hand while walking along the Durban promenade in a Bafana Bafana t-shirt. Been looking for a leather headboard in Durban for a while now? Our Leisure Lounge Upholstered Plain leather headboard is both durable and stylish, speaking volumes about the proud African heritage of its future owner!

Deep-Buttoned Fabric

Your bedroom is your comfort zone, and if you’re a serious home-body, your bedroom will reflect your love for the comfortable things in life through the décor you choose. Fabric-covered padded headboards – when paired with the right linen – give off a warm, comfy ambiance where you’ll love to spend as much time as possible. This Deep Buttoned padded fabric headboard is comfortable to lie upright against, with patterned deep-buttons giving it that ‘royal’ look.

Full-Length Winged

You’re organised; you know exactly where everything needs to be at all times – and your bedroom is no exception. Winged headboards are great for preventing dirt accumulation behind your cot, thanks to the two wings that snuggle either side of the bed. Winged headboards hold everything in place, and when manufactured in elegant finishes like the Leisure Lounge Winged headboard, visitors of your bedroom won’t be able to resist touching your striking headboard.

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