Why Leather is a Firm Favourite for Modern Homes

Leather couches are becoming increasingly popular in modern furniture. There are a number of reasons as to why leather couches are a firm favourite in modern homes. From their durability to how easy they are to clean, Leisure Lounge are sharing 5 reasons why a leather couch is worth the investment.

5 Reasons Why Leather Couches Are the Best Choice for Your Living Room

Leather couches are becoming a fixture in modern home furniture. Here are 5 reasons why you should make the investment in a leather couch.

1. They are Easy to Clean

Who doesn’t love furniture that is easy to clean? Those pesky crumbs, spills and settled dust can be easily vacuumed up. This ‘easy to clean’ characteristic of leather makes it a top choice for homeowners. Keep your furniture safe from excitable children, movie night snacks and animals. Their resistance to spills and stains makes them last significantly longer than fabric couches.

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2. Leather is Extremely Durable

Another reason that leather is a top-pick in homes is because of its durability. A genuine leather couch is believed to last four times longer than a fabric couch if the proper care is given. The strength of leather ensures that it can withstand the wear and tear of family life.

3. They’re Hypoallergenic

A leather couch is a must if you suffer from dust, mite or animal allergies. Due to the sealed exterior, leather couches do not harbour dust or pet fur, all you need to do to prevent allergies is vacuum regularly. Simply put, leather couches don’t have nearly as many nooks and crannies that promote build-up.

4. They Look Classy

If you are going for a modern look in your living room, leather is the perfect option. The sleek style is not uncommon in modern homes. This is simply because they rarely look tatty and old. Many people turn down the idea of leather because they assume it is only available in black and brown, however, leather is available in most colour. This ensures that you are bound to find the right colour scheme for your home.

5. The Comfort Lasts

Ever had a couch that adapted to your body? Nothing is worse than sitting in a couch that slops down to the shape over someone who regularly sits or lies in the spot. Leather couches have unique fibres that help the couch maintain the shape over a longer period of time. In addition, whilst fabric fades and looks worn after significant use, leather couches only get softer and more comfortable.

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