Your Luxury Dining Room Furniture Guide

If you love entertaining at your home, it is a requirement that you have a dining room that is the envy of your guests. But why stop there? If you and your family enjoy regular dinners together, or you want to start doing it more often, a luxury dining room will make it an evening ritual everyone looks forward to.

4 Tips for Purchasing Furniture for Your Luxury Dining Room

Leisure Lounge is sharing our top tips on buying luxury dining room furniture. So many options can make the process overwhelming, which is why we have created a quick guide to help you make a start.

Tip #1: Measure the Dining Room

This is important as it affects the overall look of your dining room. Measure your dining room before you purchase your dining room table as you want to ensure that you do not purchase a table that is too big. A table that is too big will make your dining room look cramped and overcrowded instead of luxurious and comfortable.

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Tip #2: Decide on Your Chair Combination

There are two different options to consider before choosing your dining room chairs. The first option is having all of your chairs in the same style and colour. This is an advisable option for smaller dining rooms, as the uniformity maintains order and doesn’t make the small space look too busy. The second option is to have the two chairs at the head and end of the table as statement chars that are different from the others on the side. If you have the space to include statement chairs, this is a great option if you want minimal decoration in your living room. Also, make sure your chairs are the right size for your table.

Tip #3: Invest in Your Furniture

If you want furniture that will endure and last, you need to invest in reliable materials. Hardwood is great for dining room tables, this includes oak, mahogany and walnut, and lasts much longer than other engineered woods. If you are planning on using your table regularly or for a long period of time, invest in wood or another material that is known to last long and not easily dented, stained or chipped.

Tip #4: Keep Décor to a Minimum

If you are after a luxurious dining room, it is important not to overcrowd it with décor. Instead, keep it simple with a decorative piece or two, such as a vase or fruit bowl, and a large painting or mirror on the wall. This way the room remains clutter-free and elegant.

Furnish Your Dining Room with Leisure Lounge Today

At Leisure Lounge, we work with you to create custom made furniture to go perfectly in your home. Get the best furniture for your luxury dining room made to your requirements. Call us today with any questions or queries or to get a quote. 

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