When you go shopping for new couches, you are on the lookout for furniture that will take pride of place in your lounge for many years to come. You have many choices to make, including size, design and colour, but one of the most important is choosing a couch covering: will it be leather or fabric? Leisure Lounge will help you make that decision.

What You Need To Know Before Choosing Leather Or Fabric

Leather or fabric? There is no one right answer to that question. The thing is to consider the possibilities, strengths and weaknesses of both and then decide. Here are the main points for you to consider. Read our blog for more expert decorating and furniture buying tips.

Fabric Couches: Variety, Affordability And Warmth

Fabric couches will offer you a great deal more variety and versatility in terms of design options. You can choose from a wealth of patterns, colours, textures, fabric types and shapes. Try to find particularly strong fabric, because most materials do not offer the kind of durability you would get from leather. For the most part, fabric-covered couches tend to have a lower price point than their leather equivalents. They also have a warmer, cosier look and feel, which is a major consideration for both your aesthetic taste and, your preferences with regard to comfort.

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Leather Couches: Durability And A Touch Of Class

Leather couches have the advantage over fabric as far as durability and maintenance are concerned. They are low maintenance, will last for years, so long as you use decent furniture or leather polish from time to time, and they clean up very easily if you have pets. Fabric, on the other hand, will retain pet hair, be more susceptible to scratches, and more difficult to repair if the scratches get bad enough. Aside from their hardiness, leather couches also evoke more of a sense of luxury and class, regardless of the specific design. A good leather couch may be more expensive, but it is a worthwhile investment, as you will get a lounge suite that will keep its attractive appearance for a long time.

Leather Or Fabric – Whichever You Choose, Leisure Lounge Has It For You

When looking for your next couch, think about your aesthetic, budget and maintenance needs, and the choice of leather or fabric will become obvious. Whichever one you choose; Leisure Lounge has a beautiful variety for you to choose from- contact us or browse our range.

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