At Leisure Lounge, The start of a new decade signifies change and what says ‘change’ better than a little bit of ‘out with the old, in with the new’. Change up your home’s interior by trying out a few of 2020’s new furniture trends.

Top 5 Furniture Trends for 2020

The top new furniture trends in 2020 are stylish, unique and absolutely perfect for the whirlwind new decade that is upon us! Change up your home’s interior décor by trying a few of the 5 furniture trends for 2020 that you will find in this blog.

1. Bold Colours & Patterns

This trend is sure to make your home more vibrant than ever! A popular 2020 furniture trend sees an increase in furniture that is bold in colour and pattern. Forget the neutrally safe couches, instead embrace the arrival of colour in the home. From bright, comfy couches to eye-catching decorative chairs, this year it is all about colour and pattern. Besides being super pleasing on the eye, you can also enjoy searching for the perfect, cold pieces for your new look!

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2. Metal Furniture

If you are looking for some unique furniture for your home, metal pieces are becoming more and more popular. Metal furniture includes any item made from copper, tin, silver or gold. If you are wanting a space to be extra trendy, try using two different metals together, such as copper and tin- it is important to not mix more than three to prevent your room looking mismatched. Side tables, outside chairs and tables are all items that look great when made of metal.

3. Vintage Furniture

What is a furniture trend list without vintage? This timeless trend is (yet again) on our radar simply because you cannot go wrong with vintage. Additionally, collecting vintage pieces for your home is a sustainable way to decorate your home too, as buying pre-loved items is a great way to lessen your carbon footprint. Cabinets, coffee tables and decorative chairs are all great vintage additions to the home, as this trend does not seem to ever go out of style.

4. Be Eco-Friendly

Speaking of lessening your carbon footprint, eco-friendly furniture pieces are becoming steadily more popular amongst homeowners. Using materials that are less harmful to our planet is a trend every individual should fully support- it’s just an added bonus that it looks great too! Materials such as bamboo and concrete are just two of the many alternatives used for stunningly unique pieces.

Next time you are in the market for a furniture piece, consider the environment and other material that can be used instead of the more common materials.

5. Sculptural Furniture

If you are wanting unique furniture pieces for your home, sculptural pieces are for you. These pieces are extremely unique and artsy made from a variety of weird and wonderful materials such as boiled wool or natural materials. The final product is simply wonderful, as your unique furniture piece may look like an exhibit in an art museum rather than a piece of furniture in your living room. If you are a risk-taken than sculptural furniture is for you!

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Now that we have given you a small insight into some of 2020’s top trends, it is time for you to decide what you want for your home. Bold and bright, or timeless vintage, customize your furniture pieces with the help of our team at Leisure Lounge. View our online range or contact us today with any questions or queries.

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