So, you’ve decided to finally treat yourself to that gorgeous leather couch you’ve been dreaming about? You’re in for a treat! Nothing quite shouts luxury as loudly as a well-placed, well-styled leather sofa. The first step is to decide where you want her, and the second step is where the fun begins – making it pretty with these four leather couch styling ideas…

Add a touch of fabric

A leather couch is extravagant on its own, but really comes to life when adding a touch of fabric. One or two cushions featuring vintage patterns in complimentary colours will really make your couch pop! If you intend on using your leather sofa for seating, consider draping a faux fur throw over for that luxurious vintage look, with one or two cushions to finish it off. Remember to colour code accordingly – earthy colours work well on brown and lighter leather finishes, while a black leather couch can host bright colours of any hue.

Compliment leather with chic

Your leather couch can look absolutely fabulous without even having to style it at all! Use the space around the couch to accentuate its unique beauty, with vintage chic furniture. Consider adding an occasional chair or two and a vintage standing lamp to the area, giving your space that luxe 1920s feel. Don the wall closest to your couch with a large golden framed mirror and you’ll never want to leave…

Remember your rug

Depending on where you plan to place your leather sofa, think about the floor space directly in front of it. If your floor area is not carpeted, a good-looking rug can really bring out your leather couch’s best features. Great rug ideas include zebra, kudu or Nguni hides – if you’re looking for that ‘out of Africa’ feel – and a good shaggy rug in a light earthy colour will do wonders for the colour contrast of the area. Compliment your leather display with a stunning deep-buttoned leather ottoman.

Centre your attention seeker

Turn heads and make your neighbours jealous by making your new leather couch the centre of attention! A leather couch looks good from every angle, so consider allowing yours to stand freely in your area, instead of against a wall. This opens the space up nicely and really draws attention to the important elements.
If you would like some tips on getting your leather sofa styling just right – give us at Leisure Lounge a shout!