Any time is a great time for a change, but the beginning of a new season is such a satisfying time for a makeover or new look, which includes your home’s interior. In fact, if you can’t afford a summer vacation on a tropical island, you can still infuse holiday vibes into your surroundings by updating your bedroom and living room decor.

4 Hot Summertime Decor Trends

Since summertime is the most ideal season for entertaining guests, using these stylish summer trend tips will help you make a great impression at your next cocktail party.

Grandstanding with Greens

“Greenery” was elected colour of the year for 2017 by Pantone, and its proplarity has been gaining steady ground ever since. Make your home feel tropical and fresh with green tones and glossy accents that evoke feelings of health and vitality.

Going Wild with Animal Prints

Add to the greenery and natural aesthetic with single furniture items, rugs, or throw pillows that sport tasteful animal prints such as zebra or leopard. The key with animal prints is to match them with muted earthy tones so that they don’t clash too much, going from stylish to kitchy.

Mashing Up Mixed Prints

While we’re on the subject of prints, you can mix together a variety of prints to create an eclectic aesthetic and make your living space look lively for summer. The key to pulling this off without going overkill is to stick to a colour theme and to limit the juxtaposition of prints to one room or region of the living area. It is vital that the area doesn’t get cluttered because this can ruin the look and make the room appear messy.

Getting Fancy with Floral Prints

If you’re not feeling brave enough for animal prints or mixed patterns, you can never go wrong with timeless floral prints. If you love a classy floral theme, then you can go to town with floral wallpaper, curtains, pillows, lamps and frames – not to mention vases of actual flowers to enhance the ambience of natural summer beauty.

What’s Your Summertime Decor Style?

No matter what your personal preferences may be, we have the perfect furniture pieces and accessories to accentuate your home’s summer aesthetic. Stay tuned to our blog to make sure that you don’t miss out on vital tips about decor trends.