The Centrepiece in the Corner: Styling a Corner Couch

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There is no way that you can make a corner couch, taking up the majority of two walls in your living room, ‘blend in’.  Once you’ve moved it into the room, the entire space kind of ‘tilts’ towards it. So you need to choose wisely and you need to resign yourself to the fact that you will have to arrange everything else around it.

Once you are happy with the fact that your corner couch will become the focal point for you living room, you can go wild with your selection of the perfect piece. Start by browsing through our impressive range.

Keep This In Mind

As you consider your selection, here are a few pointers to keep in mind: be careful of where you place the couch. Some designs, particularly ones that don’t have feet and are positioned directly on the floor, tend to make the space look more cramped. Designs with feet, such as the Florence or Oslo, can help create a greater sense of depth and space by allowing visibility underneath and behind the sofa, allowing better flow and avoiding the sense that you are ‘cutting off’ the space. However, if you have space to spare, then by all means go for a lower-standing model like our Modular.

Another thing to think about is light. The look of your couch, as well as the feel of the room, will benefit from being in a place where it’s receiving a good amount of natural light. If you are placing it in a spot where not much light will reach it, then consider placing a lamp behind it. In addition to adding light, the lamp can be an attractive décor element in its own right.

Start Building!

Now your couch is positioned, you can build your living room around it. Start with some scatter cushions and don’t go with something that will blend in with your couch. Make them colourful, let them stand out. If, say, you’ve opted for a couch in a tasteful cream or rich chocolate colour, you should go with colours that will stand out against that – dark against light, bright against earth tones.
You probably already have a coffee table – some piece that was handed down to you or that you picked up at an antique store perhaps. If you have a wooden floor, a well-chosen rug, with colours that complement your couch rather than matching it, will pull the whole thing together. Of course, be sure not to neglect your walls – get some art in there and think carefully about the curtains. As long as you make the couch the centrepiece, the rest will come quite easily.

Did You Know…

You may not know this, but Leisure Lounge can transform any couch in our catalogue into a corner suite! All you need to do is supply the dimensions and your choice of style and we will send you a quote. Contact us to chat about your corner suite requirements, today!

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